“Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

- Warren Buffet

Your life includes an array of possibilities. And like a garden sown with seeds, nurturing your potential requires time, knowledge, and care.  

At Carter Financial Group, we bring all the planning pieces together to help you design one path forward. And inevitably, your path will veer along the way and open up new routes to explore. As your needs evolve and goals change, we’ll help you pivot and continue aligning your direction toward your vision.

Supporting our clients as they plan for tomorrow is not just a job to us — it’s our passion. Not only do we deeply understand the financial markets and the industry’s technical aspects, we genuinely enjoy helping people. We’ll help you make sense of your financial life and nurture your confidence and stability through each stage. After all, the ability to enjoy a meaningful retirement depends on the foundation you create and the guidance you receive along the way.

Big Picture – Where do you want to go?

We start all our relationships by understanding the big picture of our clients’ lives. Our priority is to know who you are while uncovering financial details such as:

  • What goals motivate you?
  • What does financial success mean to you?
  • How do you want to enjoy retirement?
  • What income gaps do you need to fill?
  • What multigenerational needs does your family have?

By gaining this insight, we can embrace what matters to you — and build our relationship and supporting strategies around your needs and inspirations.

Supporting Elements – What steps do you need to take?

With your vision mapped out, we help you take the steps you need to pursue it by designing each strategy around your unique financial situation. From there, we bring your plan to life and coordinate with your other professional advisors and family members, as needed.

Our support addresses a variety of key financial areas and often guides people through retirement and other life transitions, such as:

  • Goals planning
  • Income needs
  • Budget planning
  • Investment strategies
  • Inheritance goals